A solidarity start into the new year!

A feminist cultural center is being built in Hamburg Wilhelmsburg. Or better said: It should be created and is already being used by some groups and individuals. So that this initiative can grow and be available in the long term, sponsoring members and other supporters are urgently needed.


In autumn 2019, the initiative to found the center began on the ground floor of the newly built Rialto residential project. A few months later, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic thwarted efforts. After all, a few people had already got to know each other who have since continued working on the idea. It was set up, the infrastructure was created, translated, and even a first little self-image was formulated. Financing applications have been submitted and the first uses and rentals on a solidarity basis have been made possible.
Despite the pandemic, the RIA has already made many friends before it is on a safe footing. These include political district structures as well as feminist groups and migrant initiatives. But also feminist foundations, individuals and artists as well as social organizations.
The RIA is still missing a large part of the basic funding. A room rent of around EUR 2,000 per month has to be raised.

100 members á 10.00 per month = 1,000 euros.
= Half the Game!

Would you like to become a sponsoring member for a feminist cultural center in Hamburg? Or do you know someone who …? Would you like to start the year with new (feminist) perspectives? Then give yourself or others a sponsoring membership.

E-Mail: ria-fem@posteo.de
Phone: +49178 1529766

By filling out this Membership Agreement you are giving us consent in dealing with your data according to become a member.

The RIA still lacks a lot of thinking heads, helping hands, diverse know-how and, above all, more perspectives. We look forward to your interest and support in our small group. You are also welcome to support us with our public relations work by, for example, recording a small greeting video for our website in which your utopia of a feminist center is given space.