The “Ria” addresses the concerns of women, lesbians, non-binary, trans and inter persons (FLINT*), as well as all those who support them. Political, social and cultural initiatives and groups with a feminist background both from the district and beyond the city and state borders are also invited to use the facilities. This may lead to new inspiration and a lively exchange about feminist work within a wide range of contexts.

The “Ria (…)” is located in the Hamburg district of Wilhelmsburg within the borough Hamburg-Mitte south of the river Elbe.

The initiative for a feminist educational and cultural center on the site of the former district cinema “Rialto” aims to expand the spatial offer in the fields of education, networking and information for FLINT* of all communities. There aim is to create a place where solidarity can be experienced, networks develop and empowerment can be made possible. We expect symbioses between different already existing initiatives and contexts, we want to enable getting to know each other and overcome boundaries. Great emphasis is placed on the topics of accessibility, barrier poverty and cooperation with existing structures that strive for the self-empowerment of FLINT*.

The “Ria – Feminist Cultural Center” strives for the following organizational structure: Basically, participating in activities as well as developing offers should not fall through due to personal financial issues or limited resources in terms of time and knowledge. Therefore, an extensive self-organization of groups and individuals, which are using the space on a regular basis, is a long-term goal. In addition, the request structure is supposed to be as transparent as possible. This includes regular support and administration of the project by permanent contacts and a group of friends who develop the content and self-image of the center together.


The project sponsor in the legal sense is the non-profit association Inter-Act e.V. based in Hamburg.