The using/renting of Ria is based on a form of donation.
That means: You pay what you can from 0.00 euros to ... (for guidance see below)

FLINT * / Feminist projects, groups and individuals have priority in the rooms timetable management.

Possible event types:
- workshops
- seminars
- group meetings
- Movement, theater, dance
- Lectures, readings, etc.
- Girls cafes or similar open offers for FLINT*
- Advice offers
- Creative, handicrafts, work groups

The Ria can also be requested for private events and celebrations.

IMPORTANT: The Ria will be closed at 10:00 p.m. at the latest. For extravagant parties, we ask you to inquire about other rooms.
Group meeting (1-3hrs)several days workshopAbout 1 week seminar
Price Orientation. The Ria needs about 2000€to keep the room available. Associations which have funds are asked to pay the Soli price.